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Getting Down to Business

Nathan Bienvenu shares insight on working with Mission Wisconsin and provides advice for transitioning services members

Each year, Mission Wisconsin works with transitioning service members from around the globe to help them find their next mission in life. While we love when people choose the Great State of Wisconsin, we will help any servicemember navigate the transition and find the place that is best for them and their family.

Nathan Bienvenu recently worked with Mission Wisconsin founder Steve Janke to secure a job with Northrop Grumman. Learn more about Nathan, working with Mission Wisconsin, and the advice he offers other service members.

Nathan Bienvenu recently worked with Mission Wisconsin.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I was a military child, so I moved around the world. It is hard to claim any one place home since I have never lived anywhere for more than three years. I joined the Air Force, because it was the best way to get a free degree with the economy at the time and the debt APR rising for loans.

Tell us about the job Mission Wisconsin founder Steve Janke held you secure. Also, how did your military service help set you up for success in your role?

The job I currently work at is with Northrop Grumman. I am a nuclear surety engineer for the sentinel ICBM program. My skills in a sink-or-swim environment helped me land this job. They saw that I was thrown into tough situations on my own and usually came out on top. They needed people like that in the team. 

How did you get connected with Mission Wisconsin founder Steve Janke?

I got connected with him through Linkedin. I saw that Mission Wisconsin was getting shared onto my feed, so I decided to connect and set up an initial appointment to chat with Steve. From day one, he got down to business getting my interests, my skills and just writing down contacts and reaching out to points of contacts to help me network for job opportunities.

How was that assistance from Steve invaluable to you and your family?

It was valuable because Steve also wants to help my wife once she gets her certification done. I think she will benefit from his expertise in career assistance since she has not been around environments like that, so it will open her professional development.

What advice would you offer others as they move from military to civilian life?

Do not be afraid. Things will work out as long as you stay focused the whole way through. I also recommend keeping up with your resume and making sure you tailor it to the jobs you apply for. 

Why would you recommend working with Mission Wisconsin?

I recommend working with Steve because he is always on top of things. He also genuinely cares about your transition and keeps tabs on you the whole way through, and even afterwards.

I also like that he expects you to do some leg work as well because no one should care about your transition more than yourself. Working with him I learned a lot of valuable information about the job market and how to navigate through it and come out on top.

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